Kim Newlove

Kim Newlove is a pharmacist, voice actor, and podcast host.  As a voice actor, Kim brings her years of expertise as a pharmacist to medical narration, e-learning, and explainer videos.  Her delivery style is confident and trustworthy.

Kim grew up in Pemberville, OH and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from The University of Toledo in 2001.  She has been an Ohio-licensed pharmacist for 19 years and has worked in several practice settings, including hospital, community, and behavioral health.  Kim and her husband live in Perrysburg, OH with their two children.

As a pharmacist in the voiceover industry, Kim is often asked, "How do you pronounce this drug name?"  Or, "How can I learn how to pronounce drug names correctly?  Who teaches this?  Who taught you how to pronounce drug names correctly?"  

Those are great questions!  

After some reflection, she thought that pronouncing drug names correctly was just something she picked up in pharmacy school.  Part of that is true.  It's like storytelling.  It gets passed down.  What happens after pharmacy school though?  She's been out for almost 20 years!  

As she reflected on the answer to the question, "How can I learn to pronounce drug names correctly?" Kim had a moment of clarity.  She realized she had to research pronunciations the same way everyone else did...either by searching the internet or by asking others.  

She felt that there had to be a better way!  There should be concise sources and a learning method for drug name pronunciations so that ANYONE can do it.  

Kim cares about pronouncing drug names correctly, and she saw the need for a course to teach drug name pronunciations.  So she created Pronounce Drug Names Like a Pro.  The course focuses on generic (nonproprietary) drug names, but it covers both brand (proprietary) and generic drug name pronunciations.

First, take the course.  Then, if you are interested in a membership site with pronunciations at the press of a button, make sure you sign up for Kim's e-mail list.  She will let you know when it comes out if there's enough interest.  If you're interested in private coaching with Kim, research assistance, or a custom consult appointment, please get in touch via the Contact page.


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Learn with Kim!

Saying drug names correctly and being able to recognize them as a listener improves safety.  No matter who you are, if you use drug names in conversation, this course will give you the tools you need to pronounce drug names like a pro!  Whether you are a patient who needs to be able to discuss your medications with your healthcare providers or a pharmacy student learning drug names for the first time, once you learn how to pronounce drug names correctly, you will feel more confident and less frustrated.